Juice Doctors

Our Story

Juice Doctors uses the freshest ingredients in its powerful elixirs. Our juices are:

green-juice-spread-640x426Cold Pressed: Our juices are cold pressed to extract the maximum amount of juice and retain the maximum amount of nutrients.

Organic and/or Local: We incorporate a mix of locally-grown and organic fruits and vegetables into elixirs that are not only good for your body but good to your taste buds as well.

Raw: We never heat or pasteurize our juice, which can kill vital nutrients and enzymes.

The Juice Doctors are passionate about juicing! Our goal is to educate and communicate the benefits of juicing for health and as an alternative to sugary sodas, and so-called “fruit” juices (the imposters)!

Of course, we did not get here by chance. Read our brief personal stories about Juice Doctor Margot and Juice Doctor Rona to find out what brought us to the world of cold-pressed juicing and to learn more about why our method is “…pressed for LIFE.”