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Juice Doctor Margot

Margot C. Moody, Ph.D.

Margot C. Moody is a consultant and executive coach with a background in psychology and organizational behavior. Her studies of human behavior have expanded to include some of its basic building blocks and influences, namely health and proper nutrition. Like many others in our fast-paced society, Dr. Moody seeks to balance work, family, and fun with a healthy approach and without the levels of stress often associated with debilitating diseases that often hinder the quality of life. Once addicted to sugar beverages, Dr. Moody would often rather drink than eat, and discovered that the off-the-shelf so-called “healthy” teas and juices that she consumed daily in large amounts were not much more than sugar water. Her search for an alternative landed on cold-pressed discoveries that include an array of death-defying and tantalizing elixirs that inspire the body to its greatest potential for health and longevity.